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Terms & Conditions

Arrival and Departure

Guests must check out by 12:00 PM on the day of their departure. If due to travel times, you are arriving early or are departing late, you may come to our local office, where you can store your luggage and use the facilities as needed. Please note that you must coordinate luggage storage and use of the lounge with an office staff member in advance.

If the apartment is available and the cleaning Hotel Kanha Resortedule allows for it, we always do our best to accommodate early arrivals and late departures at no extra cost. However, whether or not it can be done is often unknown until the last minute, so if you absolutely require more time in the unit, it is suggested that you book an extra night in order to guarantee it. Otherwise, you can use the options mentioned above and we will get you into the apartment by 12:00 PM. Also note that loitering in the lobby of any residential building is prohibited, so guests may not proceed to the building until check-in time. Early arrivals or late departures must come straight to the office.

Property Rules and Regulations

All Hotel Kanha Resort lobbies, kitchen, dining hall have a strict no-smoking policy (there is a Rs. 500 minimum charge for violating this policy due to damage control and equipment/furniture replacement) and pets are not allowed inside at any time. Under no circumstances should guests unplug or move any of the electronics or lighting fixtures inside of the apartment. This is for your own safety and for the safety and convenience of future guests. If you need to use a power outlet, please look for one that is not being used. You can normally find one near the TV or sofa bed. Lost keys will incur a fee of Rs.150 per key set to have replacements made. Guests shall comply with all house rules and regulations pertaining to the building in which the apartment is located, including but not limited to trash and recycling procedures, noise level limits and appropriate conduct within the building's public spaces.

Services Agreement

All Hotel Kanha Resort properties are self-service. Hotel Kanha Resort is responsible for full housekeeping services before each new arrival, after every departure and on Hotel Kanha Resorteduled daily time. Guests are responsible for their own housekeeping and laundry during their stay apart from the time mentioned above, including trash disposal and recycling, unless other arrangements are made. If an apartment that you have reserved becomes unavailable due to factors outside our control (i.e., plumbing issues, electrical outages, etc.), Hotel Kanha Resort will offer you alternative accommodations of equal or higher quality. If you choose not to accept the alternatives offered, Hotel Kanha Resort will provide a full refund to the original form of payment of all monies paid, without penalty, within three business days.


Hotel Kanha Resort is obligated to keep the designated property reserved for and available to the guest for the agreed-upon dates. The guest is obligated to pay in full the applicable rental charges for the property (and associated taxes as required by law) upon booking, and is responsible for payment of additional services that may be requested, such as meals, laundry or airport transfer. Hotel Kanha Resort reserves the right to charge updated rates if the guest wishes to make any later modifications to the reservation.


Hotel Kanha Resort cannot assume responsibility for damage to or loss of personal possessions or for injuries sustained on the premises due to personal negligence or forces of nature, including but not limited to regional service outages that may temporarily restrict TV or Internet access, property maintainance that may limit or deny access to building amenities (ie. swimming pool closed for cleaning, terrace closed for construction), constructive work in neighboring apartments during daytime hours and temporary building-wide water, hot water or electrical outages. Guests are liable for excessive damage to the premises that may exceed normal wear and tear or for excess soilage that may require special cleaning. Costs required to repair such damages will be charged to the credit card on file.


Please do not have mail or packages shipped directly to any given apartment, as there is a high turnover rate and deliveries are likely to be returned to the sender or lost altogether. If you truly need to receive mail while on your trip, please have your deliveries sent to our local office, where you can pick it up at your convenience. Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for packages or their contents.

Customer Service

All customer service requests must be directed to Hotel Kanha Resort and not to the building staff. We are responsible for all customer service needs and are charged a penalty if our guests approach the building staff for assistance, which will be charged back to the guest at the rate of Rs.50 per occurrence. To avoid such charges, please be sure to communicate directly with Hotel Kanha Resort with any questions or issues related to your stay.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

No penalty for cancellation made more than 30 days. There is a penalty of 50% for cancellations made more than 15 days in advance, to cover the costs of processing the booking and refund Or option to keep your amount for further trip with us. Refunds will be made to the original form of payment within three business days.

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